Summer Scrapbook 2021

Summer Scrapbook 2021

The twilight of summer is here and it is with heavy hearts we start to say goodbye to our summer styles.

I hope these pieces have brought you beauty, dreams, romance, and magic. Below is a little scrapbook of some of our favorite summer moments.


In Summer Twilight

 Just a dash of lambent carmine
  Shading into sky of gold;
Just a twitter of a song-bird
  Ere the wings its head enfold;
Just a rustling sigh of parting
  From the moon-kissed hill to breeze;
And a cheerful gentle, nodding
  Adieu waving from the trees;
Just a friendly sunbeam’s flutter
  Wishing all a night’s repose,
Ere the stars swing back the curtain
  Bringing twilight’s dewy close.
 — Joshua Henry Jones, Jr.
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