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Creative Journeys Vol. 1: Allie Crow Buckley

Celebrating the untamed creative spirit is one of the heart missions of our studio – finding the joy in the path less traveled, realizing that life’s twists and turns, even the hard ones, are what make our journey uniquely our own. 

This series is about sharing and celebrating the stories of those in the midst of that journey, both the rough road and magical moments – as well as the inspirations that feed them and keep them going. 

I'm so excited to share our first interview with the absolutely lovely and magical Allie Crow Buckley. 


Allie Crow Buckley


Allie is a L.A. based singer/songwriter whose ethereal, hypnotic debut album Moonlit and Devious came out in March.  Growing up around the world from California, New Zealand, and New York Allie is no stranger to living a life #ofherownkind.  She spent her formative years training in classical ballet before realizing in her 20s that the poetry she was writing on the side needed to become something more than just midnight musings.

Tell us a little bit about where you currently are & what you’ve recently been up to!

Currently in California. My debut record came out this past spring, so have been relaxing post release. 

Take us through your creative journey – you originally trained to be a ballet dancer before entering the world of music – how did that transition come about? Was there a distinct moment when you realized music was the place you needed to be?  

Yes, growing up I trained as a classical dancer. I explored many different art forms including poetry. I realized one day that through my love of music I could incorporate song, poetry, dance, and visual art. So I began my journey putting my writing to song!

What is the hardest thing about making music? The most rewarding?

For me the hardest thing about the process is the vulnerability of putting your art and yourself out into the world. And the most rewarding thing is the connection that comes with vulnerability. 

You’ve created such a magical, ethereal world with your sound, lyrics and of course beautiful style! What are some of your inspirations behind your music & work? Where do you go & what do you do to replenish the creative well?

Thank you! I am and always have been deeply inspired by my surroundings, so travel is essential for replenishing my creative well. Other constants are classical art, the natural world, poetry, and dance. 

You’ve lived quite the nomadic life and lived in so many amazing places – New Zealand, New York, California to name a few, how has ­­living in these different places influenced you along your journey? 

It has influenced the way I adapt, it has made me feel more malleable and free. It has also of course given me perspective!

 I know you love classical art as do I – do you have any favorite artists that continually take your breath away?

Oooh! So many! Forever favorites are Bougeureau, Cot, and Dadd. 

 L.A.’s been your home for awhile now -- What are some of your favorite hidden spots in Los Angeles?

Descanso gardens, the Rose Tea Room at the Huntington Gardens, and Breadblok bakery is a new favorite. 

If you weren’t in L.A where would you be? What are some must-visit places on your dream list?

Really anywhere in Europe when I’m lucky enough to be there! I am particularly drawn to the countryside anywhere I am. 

What’s coming up next for you?

I have an alternates EP to be out in the coming months! A project I am very excited about... more soon!

To hear more from Allie visit alliecrowbuckley.com

 Soundtrack of a Dress

Allie put together a few songs to pair with our dresses -- Enjoy!


Allie wears the Cream Evangeline Dress in Organic Kala Cotton