Our mission is to make thoughtful, beautiful clothing that’s made to last – to be kept, passed down, and cherished. 

Organic and Natural Fibers. Polyester is still plastic. We believe in organic and natural fiber fabrics that are nontoxic, gentle on your skin, and naturally biodegrade when their useful life is finished.  

Locally Made.  Our clothing is designed, sewn, and shipped in a 5-mile radius in NYC supporting skilled, local labor through our women-owned ateliers

Slow, Small-batch fashion.  We believe in creating small production runs of a few, thoughtful styles each season.  We only produce clothing we truly believe in rather than constant drops of too many.

Craft and Heirloom Quality. We believe the inside of a garment should be as beautiful as the outside. These sewing techniques are more time-consuming and require a higher level of skilled labor, but we believe in preserving sewing as an artisanal craft rather than simply a method of mass production. 

Plastic free, 100% recycable packaging Our packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic-free and packed by human hands with lots of love at every step. Even our hang tags are handmade from recycled fibers