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Of Her Own Kind is a womenswear clothing studio based in Brooklyn and made locally in New York centered around craft, sustainability, and little everyday luxuries. 

Our mission is fewer, more unique items crafted with the intent of bringing light and joy.

We believe in creating wearable yet beautiful pieces that give their wearer a sense of comfort, ease, and delight.

At the core of our design process is the belief in clothing as a craft instead of a disposable commodity.
We believe in natural fibers like cotton and silk and use artisan finishings such as French seams, bias bindings, and hand embroideries. 
We believe in supporting independent artisans and local garment industries to keep clothing manufacturing on a human scale.
To read more about our design philosophy & mission see Why Shop Small
Our Found & Burn markets are about supporting small scale makers and special pieces with a past: unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that carry a story and help preserve the craft of previous generations. 
We find that in an increasingly ephemeral digital age, these quiet pieces carry a timeless poetry that bring a certain beauty, magic, and joy to their surroundings.  

Of Her Own Kind is designed & curated by Kathryn Alex, inspired by her childhood in New England, summers spent at her grandparents' farmhouse in rural Maine, and the beauty of upstate New York. These places all exposed her to the beauty of craftsmanship and the care, love, and dedication which a maker brings to their art.

Kathryn honed her skills in luxury design while working as a designer at Prabal Gurung where she learned that beautifully made clothes can never be made fast. Kathryn lives in Brooklyn with her husband and dog, Josephine, and escapes to the Catskills as much as possible.