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Creative Journeys Vol 2: Shereen Jupp

Shereen Jupp

Founder & Editor, Mother Muse Magazine

Shereen is a mother of two and the founder & editor of Mother Muse magazine, a print and online platform celebrating the beautiful, intimate journey of motherhood.  Shereen talks about her motivations for creating Mother Muse, balancing the demands of her print baby with her real babies and some of the life lessons motherhood has taught her.

Where are you at the moment? 

At home with my oldest and having a hot cup of coffee. 

Take us through your journey to create Mother Muse.  Was there a specific moment or event that made you realize it was something you had to do? 

After I had my daughter I struggled with postpartum depression. Having been in the modeling and fashion industry for a really long time I felt lost and confused with where I was post-baby. I wanted to create a magazine that celebrated mothers the same way women were celebrated in fashion magazines. Mother Muse was one of the very first printed magazines on the market that celebrated mothers with grace and style. 

What has been the most rewarding part of creating Mother Muse -- and the most challenging? 

The most rewarding part is getting to do what I love everyday. The most challenging has been separating my emotional attachment to the magazine and replacing it with more of a business mindset. Managing everything can be very overwhelming at times with a ton of dms and emotions -- changing my focus to a business mindset has helped me balance the most important place to put my energy and that's my kids. 

How do you balance your 2 babies -- your real babies and your print baby? 

It's hard and I am still learning! I think it will get easier the older they get but right now it's still beautiful chaos. 

Mother Muse truly celebrates the amazing physical & spiritual journey of motherhood -- especially the beauty and power of women’s bodies during and post pregnancy – is that something you feel sets Mother Muse apart as a platform?  Was that intentional or something that naturally evolved? 

I struggled with an eating disorder for 14 years. Seeing different bodies celebrated is vital to creating a safe platform and community. I feel that if I grew up seeing this type of diversity and celebration I would have never had an eating disorder. So yes, this was intentional and so important. I love women and want them to feel celebrated and safe wherever they are in their bodies.

What does motherhood mean to you?  What are some of the life lessons/new perspectives being a mother has taught you? 

Motherhood is like wearing your heart on your sleeve. My children are my soulmates and it's the most rewarding role I get in this lifetime to watch them grow and flourish. It's taught me patience and real love. 

 What’s coming next for you and Mother Muse

Mother Muse is a very organic platform -- I just like to watch it grow to wherever that might be. 

To learn more about Mother Muse visit mother-muse.com and @mothermusmag

Shereen wears the Mirabelle Dress in Wild Silk