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Light a match, start a fire.


OF HER OWN KIND is an independent clothing line based in Brooklyn for the woman walking her own path. We design for women who live bravely and deliberately: the dreamers, rebels, misfits, romantics, tomboys, wanderers, and restless souls.

Our clothes are made with care using the best fabrics, hand embroideries, and luxury finishings to create special, wearable pieces that are meant to last.   

We produce our collections in the New York garment district using the same high-end factories as luxury brands but without the luxury price. We believe thoughtfully designed, high-quality clothes should be for everyone. 

Our name is a twist on the Latin phrase sui generis which means “of its own kind” or inherently unique – because we believe all women are unique as hell and pretty much kick ass. Not only our name, this is the spirit behind every single piece of clothing we make. 

We believe the passion we put into our clothes is just the start of the journey and the women who wear them ultimately bring them to life.



Kathryn Alex Designer Bio Photo Collection 1

OF HER OWN KIND was founded by Kathryn Alex in 2016 to encourage women to embrace their passion, strength and independence and to expect more out of their everyday clothing.
No stranger to the life #ofherownkind Kathryn found her passion for design and self-expression while traveling solo throughout India and Thailand which ignited her passion to create. Leaving everything else behind, she returned to design school for her MFA in fashion design and hasn’t looked back since.
Kathryn honed her skills in luxury design and construction as a designer at Prabal Gurung where she fell in love with the craftsmanship of clothes and the decades old traditions of the New York garment district.  The mission to keep the craft in clothing and to support a New York industry that is quickly disappearing in favor of overseas fast fashion are at the core foundations of the brand.