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Creative Journeys Vol 3: Lauren Foster

Lauren Foster

Visual Artist/Content Creator


Lauren is the slow living content creator/influencer behind the lovely account @enchanted_noir  Lauren shares with us her journey into the influencer world, what keeps her inspired, and how she balances social media with her everyday life.

Where are you at the moment?

Right now I am in northeast Pennsylvania.

Have you always lived in the country?  What do you love the most about the slow living lifestyle?

Actually, we live in the suburbs -- we are trying sell our house soon to find the farmhouse of our dreams with some land to start growing our own food and adopt some animals. My husband and I love sharing the art of slow living with our children and to see how excited they are to be a part of this world. 

Take us on your influencer journey -- what made you begin creating and sharing your imagery and world? 

To be honest, the influencing life found me! I originally started posting on Instagram to share my love of fashion and personal lifestyle with the world -- and then companies started contacting me!  I realized then that this could become a career for me and more than just a hobby. 

How did you grow your audience? 

Definitely by engagement. That has always been the biggest thing for me. I really want to know the people I follow and let them understand me as well. 

Do you shoot your own photos or do you prefer to collaborate? How has the style of your photos changed over time -- do you have a favorite type?

I would say it’s a little of both. Especially during the winter months when things slow down and it’s too cold to spend a lot of time outside, I prefer to work alone or with my husband (he helps me with my shoots a lot!) During the spring and summer, I really enjoy shooting with others. There are so many creative people in this world and it’s so inspiring seeing myself through their lenses.  I just love picking their brain and chatting while working together. 

When I first started I used to have a very dreamy look to my photos and then moved to more of a dark naturalism aesthetic -- now, I meld the two together. Honestly, I like too many things, I have no favorite! 

What is the most inspiring/rewarding part of creating on social media?  The most difficult?  

The most rewarding part of creating is seeing my concepts come to life. Especially when it’s an original idea -- the fact that I’m bringing to life what my brain has thought up blows my mind sometimes. 

I can also confidently say the friendships I’ve made on social media have truly changed my life and I really cherish them. 

The most difficult would probably be the criticism. I’ll admit I do not have a thick skin and things do get to me, but I’ve realized over time that everyone is going to have an opinion and it does not change who I really am. 

What advice would you give for those looking to build a community online?

Understand it is a lot of work. It’s even more work than a 9-5. Companies will try to reach out to you Monday-Sunday, so carve out offline times that are non-negotiable where you can’t be reached. Take care of your mental health, and when social media stops bringing you joy, rest. 

What do you do to replenish the creative well and find new inspiration?

Taking a step back from the constant churn of new content helps with a creative reset. Immersing myself in art, movies, even music all get the creative juices flowing, and of course, my peers are constant inspiration. 

What's coming up next for you?

Right now I’m open to everything, I’m taking it one day at a time.  I’m manifesting that old farmhouse on a hillside and have so many more art history concepts I’d like to bring to life, a lot of Pre-Raphaelite/Impressionist nods. I hope to bring you all along for the ride. 


Follow along Lauren's journey on IG @enchanted_noir & TikTok @enchanted_noir 

Lauren wears the Mirabelle Dress in Dark Floral Mist