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Behind the Seams of Summer


A little peek behind our Summer collection -- from inspiration, pattern development, to the final photoshoot. 

This process for me is always an incredible labor of love as a design team of one -- I hope you enjoy these peeks and a bit of the story behind the new lovelies!


1. Inspiration 

I stumbled upon a book on Monet's life in Giverny in a used bookstore making me think about the French countryside and long, outdoor picnics with beautiful, feminine dresses

2. Sketching

I sketch out around 100 different designs and then edit, edit, edit to decide which ones will next developed in fabric. Edits depend on both head & heart -- ones I love but are still also still practical to make & wear

3. Toiles & Fabric

Toiles (rough draft versions) and fittings are where we further refine the design, fit, and construction of the new styles. I always try on everything at every stage as well as fit on our wonderful fit model Christine! 

4. Casting & Shoot

Next is casting and planning the shoot -- no easy feat juggling so many schedules and the most fickle element -- the weather!  I've worked with both of my models, Lauren and Shereen, on multiple shoots -- all of which have taken place in Brooklyn -- though often it's hard to tell! 

5. Finale

The final photos! But really the journey has just begun -- the patterns  need to get adjusted across sizes and then the dresses made, packed & shipped finally to you!

And then it's YOU who truly bring them to life as you wear them out in the world and tell your story and live your dreams