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Why Shop Small

Shopping small usually means slower lead times, fewer products, and higher prices – so why shop small?
In a world of faster, cheaper, more, shopping small is about returning to a slower, thoughtful, craft-based consumption.
It’s about fewer, more unique items crafted with the intent of bringing light and joy.  
It’s about fabric that feels good against your skin and treads lightly on the environment, workers that are paid a fair wage, and buying designs directly from the person who created them. 
When you shop small you are supporting local makers dedicated to this philosophy as well as helping sustain local industries that are in danger of dying out. 
We produce in New York to support an industry and heritage that is in on the verge of being lost forever.  The garment district in New York used to span from 25th St. to 42nd St. and is now reduced to just a few blocks. It is not easy or cheap to make our clothes in New York but it is something we believe in and are dedicated to. We believe in natural fibers, small production runs, and low-minimum suppliers to reduce waste and keep our footprint small. We also are working incredibly hard to constantly improve and go further: more craft, more sustainability, and less waste. 
We hope you share the journey with us …
xx Kathryn 
To read more about my thoughts on fast fashion and sustainability check out my interview with Milk Studios: